Medical Services

Our services

Botulinum Toxin (Botox) – Adult spasticity management. Assessment and examination of neurological state. Treatment plan to consist of physiotherapy, oral anti-spasmodic or botulinum toxin injection.

General Services – General Medicine professional

Cosmetics – Facial cosmetics including botulinum toxin for wrinkles and fillers for lines.

Geriatric Medicine – Core Geriatric Medicine services provided including falls and frailty

Neuro Rehabilitation – Specialist rehabilitation advice on stroke, head injury, spinal injury and other neurological conditions

Stroke, Dementia, Parkinsons Rehabilitation – Specialist areas of practice

Medico-Legal – Opinions and reports written for Medico-legal work. Includes work in General and Geriatric Medicine, stroke, Spasticity management and Neuro Rehabilitation.