Pain Strategies

Our Service

NPP Pain Strategies provide holistic, neuro- bio-psycho-social rehabilitation for people with persistent pain.  We specialise in supporting individuals with pain related to complex, multi-physical trauma and/or those who are involved in medico legal proceedings.  

We offer an evidence-based, fully integrated, multi-disciplinary service; in which assessment, formulation, intervention and evaluation are seamlessly synthesised, both within and across disciplines.

Our Mission

Our mission is to:

  • Enable individuals with persistent pain to move towards their best version of recovery and to re-establish their quality of life.  This may mean the restoration of function, mobility, strength, wellbeing and social connection, and the resurrection of autonomy and independence, self-identity and self-efficacy. 
  • Deliver a reliable, efficient, high quality and co-ordinated service for case managers in accordance with the most up to date evidence about what helps people with persistent pain.

Our ethos   

Living with persistent pain is distressing, and managing it effectively is challenging. As there is no known cure, pain management can feel overwhelming and hopeless for individuals and their support systems. At NPP Pain strategies, we recognise these inherent difficulties, whilst simultaneously holding the confidence and hope that people with complex long- term pain can adapt, recover and rehabilitate, to create meaningful and satisfying lives.  

We aim to provide person centred, responsive and responsible input at all times. We seek to both validate and challenge our clients. Bespoke intervention plans are built around the client’s idiosyncratic strengths and limitations, values, preferences and personality, whilst also remaining grounded in the scientific evidence base on what works. Our emphasis is on early intervention, empowerment and collaboration.  As a team we are interested in the goals that matter to the client. A decent night’s sleep, a more positive mood, understanding the pain, getting back into the garden and returning to exercise with confidence are all examples of achievable outcomes. 

What we do

Our adult pain management service provision draws upon a specialist body of scientific theory, clinical evidence and assumptions that differ from other types of clinical health rehabilitation (e.g. musculoskeletal physiotherapy or general health psychology). The distinction becomes particularly important when working with more complex pain presentations and where there are multiple physical and psychological co-morbidities.  Securing specialist help early in an individual’s treatment pathway may help to avoid negative experiences of pain management and entrenched rehabilitation resistance further down the line. 

Pain management is a complex, nuanced and multifactorial “set” of interventions. Like a jigsaw puzzle, it has many pieces. The relevant pieces required must be identified, co-ordinated and systematically put into place, to ensure the production of a complete, coherent and enduring picture. Pain management pieces can be medical, physical, occupational or psychological in nature and can be “passive” or “active”. The self -management “active” pieces, require that the individual learns new information and skills and develops adaptive pain management behaviours. Pain rehabilitation also often involves a process of grief, loss and adjustment for the individual, as they come to terms with the long- term nature of persistent pain. 

At NPP Pain Strategies we are experts in guiding and supporting clients to work within and between the different interventions; scaffolding and developing client knowledge and skills in a timely and appropriate way.  Working alongside our clients, we facilitate a gradual process of adjustment and learning. As the client moves though phases of recovery, and sometimes in response to unexpected changes in circumstance (see medico legal proceedings), shifts in emphasis are required (e.g. from physical to psychological). In most cases, we assess and deliver treatment components in parallel, either via joint sessions or through a synchronised and boundaried care co-ordination processes. 

Our Team

NPP Pain Strategies is directed by Dr Gemma Jones (Specialist Pain Psychologist) and Paul Rees (Specialist Pain Physiotherapist). Gemma and Paul founded NPP Pain Strategies after working together for several years in NHS pain services.  

Gemma trained as a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Birmingham and has specialised in Pain Management since 2013. She holds substantive NHS posts in Clinical Health Psychology and Pain Management and has an independent Health Psychology practise at the BMI Edgbaston Hospital, Birmingham. Dr Jones has an interest in body- based approaches to psychotherapy and is a qualified Yoga Teacher and Yoga Therapist. She is a regular lecturer at on the DclinPsy course at University of Birmingham and the MSc in Pain Management at Birmingham City University.

Paul Rees is a qualified Physiotherapist and Podiatrist. He has specialised in pain management and complex trauma since 2013 and currently holds a substantive Clinical specialist post within Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS Trust’s Pain Management team. In addition, he has been involved with the NPP group for a number of years delivering psychosocially exercise based rehabilitation to patients who have been involved in complex trauma. Paul regularly delivers teaching sessions on pain and pain management as a guest lecturer at Birmingham City University