Personal Training

Personal training can be a key benefit in a patient’s rehabilitation no matter what the injury or condition. NPP are specialists in neurological rehabilitation and work collaboratively with patients to help them access the resources they need to improve and achieve their goals. NPP offer Personal Training (PT) designed so that patients can find a suitable personal training programme irrespective of any physical limitations.

The experienced NPP physiotherapy team, working closely with dedicated personal trainers are able to design and deliver bespoke programmes. These programmes target specific areas taken from the physiotherapy assessment, and are delivered in a well organised and safe way, with progress monitored and regular progress reviews.

What can I expect?

Firstly, NPP will arrange for you to have an assessment with a member of our physiotherapy team. This assessment will also be an opportunity for you to discuss any concerns you have regarding your current health and wellbeing and any ideas you have around what you would like to achieve.

Following this assessment, the physiotherapist will discuss with your PT focused areas to work on and any limitations you may have when exercising. You will then be booked in for your first session either at a gym you currently attend, or another suitable gym. This first session will involve both your physiotherapist and PT and they will adapt the exercise programme so it meets your precise needs. You will also be encouraged to tell us what exercises you enjoy which will help support your engagement in your bespoke programme.

Once your programme has been designed and agreed with you, your regular sessions will begin. These will be with your PT and your physiotherapist will attend for reviews from time to time.

What Can I Gain from Personal Training?

Strength and Conditioning:

Strength training can have a significant impact on your day to day life even if you are not an athlete. Conditioning refers to your fitness, and again has a great impact on your day to day life for example it may mean being able to push your wheelchair further or for a longer period of time. It may mean being able to open different doors, mobilising on your feet for longer periods of time, lift different items around the house, and generally improve exercise tolerance. No matter what your limitations or your ability level, our PT’s will ensure that if this is an area of focus for you, then we will find ways to help you reach your targets and goals.


You may have some concerns regarding your posture, whether sitting or standing, or it may have been raised during your assessment with one of our physiotherapists. Personal Training can help you work towards improving this by performing movements in the correct posture, as well as working the smaller muscles in your back and core. Through improving your posture, you can reduce the risk of injuries or complications in the future as well as a whole host of health benefits such as; improved lung capacity, improved digestion, and improved circulation.

Form and Coordination:

Many people overlook the importance of form and coordination however these areas are vital when mobilising. Personal training programmes can be designed to challenge and improve your form and coordination by focusing on your body’s quality of movement, symmetry, and control when exercising. It is important to improve these areas to ensure you are mobilising as smoothly and efficiently as possible whilst reducing the risk of future injury.

Weight Management:

Weight management is a very common area related to gym work and personal training. People of all ages use personal trainers to lose weight, gain muscle mass, or just sculpt their bodies to achieve their goals. Weight management for people with injuries can be challenging as changes in mobility may make it difficult for individuals to exercise in traditional ways. Our PT’s will find a way for everyone to exercise appropriately to lose, gain or maintain weight.

General Health and Wellbeing:

You may not have a specific area you want to improve through personal training, instead you may just want to improve your overall general health and wellbeing by being active and exercising regularly. As well as all the factors listed above, exercising regularly can also help reduce stress, increase your energy levels, improve sleep quality and improve your mood overall.

What’s next?

If you would like to enquire about Personal Training with NPP, or would like more information please contact us using any of the below contact details.

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